Graphic Arts Alliance.

For the members, by the members.

Learn How GAA Works

Offering instant savings with no downsides GAA can help you increase profitability, decrease costs, and expand your portfolio of services.

Our members are part of a group dedicated to achieving profitability, fostering innovation, and ensuring your success.

Join some of the industry’s most elite printers in offset, digital, flexo, wide format, and packaging.

GAA is built on integrity and strong Leadership

“Graphic Arts Alliance has many long-standing programs due to the strong integrity during negotiations and credibility of the organization.”

Rick Hamann, GLS Companies

Program Benefits

Members receive an average of $5,000-$7,000 per year in rebates and incentives just for buying from their existing vendor – that’s over 1000% ROI on the $500 membership fee

All rebates are offered to members ON TOP of local Pricing contracts if their purchases qualify, which means that your local pricing contracts should remain in-tact after joining the Alliance

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