Giving Back

GAA Scholarship Fund

At the end of 2018 GAA set up an Endowed Scholarship fund for GAA Member employees and families through the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF).

PGSF scholarships help build educational opportunities within the graphic arts industry.

Currently over $100,000 has been contributed to the fund from GAA.

All GAA members and their families can apply for a scholarship through our fund.

What Makes GAA Unique

Graphic Arts Alliance is the largest member owned and member controlled group in the industry. This translates to complete transparency in our operations…no hidden agendas, no unilateral decisions, and voting rights for all Full Members. GAA Books are open and rebate calculations and distributions are reviewed annually by an outside accountant with a report to the Members. This provides transparency and accountability.

Our members are part of a group dedicated to achieving profitability, fostering innovation, and ensuring your success. Join some of the industry’s most elite printers in offset, digital, flexo, wide format, and packaging.