How It Works

For the members, by the members.

Getting Set Up

When you join GAA, we’ll schedule an orientation phone call with you to review the vendor programs and help you maximize your savings through the group. You will receive a binder of all vendor contracts and programs giving you FULL access to information and new opportunities to save.

We will notify all vendors in our program of your membership and they will set up your company in their system. Everything is turn-key so there’s no additional effort on your part to get started in the Alliance.

Selecting Vendors

While we encourage members to use as many GAA vendors as possible to maximize their savings with the group, there is no mandate on vendor selection. Use the vendors that work for you and opt out of the others. Our program is flexible and fully customizable which means you can create your own personalized vendor list based on the needs and operations of your business. You won’t need to worry about conflicts with your existing contracts as everything is synergistic.

Making Purchases

When you are ready to make purchases with Graphic Arts Alliance vendors, simply order through your local sales channels. If you are new to a vendor, we can align you with the contact person for your region.

Once your purchases have been made, your volume will be included in the quarterly rebate programs (if you joined before the quarterly deadline. If you joined mid-quarter, you may need to wait until the following quarter as most of the vendors do not prorate rebates for our group).

If you are purchasing through a vendor that only has an up-front pricing program, be sure to remind them that you are a Graphic Arts Alliance member to receive your preferred pricing.

Getting Your Rebates

The best part about our group is that you don’t have to submit any reports to get your rebates. We work with the vendors directly to calculate all member volume and then cut a check to each of our members for their total quarterly rebate. It’s that simple.

What Makes GAA Unique

Graphic Arts Alliance is member owned and member controlled, so the group exists to serve the best interests of its members. This translates to complete transparency in our operations…no hidden agendas, no unilateral decisions, and voting rights for all Full Members. Our zero-risk, money-back guarantee gives new members the confidence that they are part of a group that wants to see them succeed. GAA books are open and member distributions are analyzed each year by an outside accountant.