Member Perspectives

For the members, by the members.

Chris Adams, CFO, Canfield & Tack, Inc.

GAA puts communication as a top priority. We are well informed about all that is going on with GAA, as well as the vendors who participate with the group. The negotiations with these vendors have brought about solid rebates to our business, and any issues that have transpired have been handled very professionally and amicably.

Mike Burnett, COO, Dockins Graphics Inc.

As a member of GAA for a few years now, I have been very pleased with the quality of the programs offered and the value it has brought to our organization. Each year we have been a member, we have received more in value than the dues requested. This and the access to discounted programs we might not have been able to qualify for, has kept us a long-term member.

Darrell D. Moore, President, Modern Litho-Print Co.

I was approached by a GAA member over a course of two years. I can easily say that in hindsight I wish I had put it at the top of the list rather than waiting. The time lost was money lost. I'd encourage others who are considering joining. Don't wait.

GAA Member

Management of GAA is top notch. The alliance is always looking for more programs to save the members money. We can only utilize some of the services or rebate programs available, but those few services pay for the membership and then some.

Ted Ford, Operations Manager, Knepper Press

I wish we had joined GAA earlier than we did. With very little effort on our part, we are able to realize incremental savings and rebates that over the course of the year add up to a significant amount of money. John Braceland (Managing Director) operates a well-run organization. Each year we earn our dues back over 100 times!

David Spinelli, ANRO Printing

Membership in the GAA is a no-brainer. You will recoup your investment annually, including your time. They do most of the work for you. In addition, you will be able to leverage their contract knowledge in dealing with your own vendors. I strive to participate in win/win deals. This is one of them.

Doug Rawson, CEO, Superior Lithographics

10 years ago we were introduced to GAA by another printing member who does what we do in another region. Even with a purchasing department that is professional and good at what they do, we have received substantial rebates, some of them on prices we already had in place, others were actually lower prices than we were paying.

GAA Member

Our company has benefited from the rebate programs as well as utilized some of the service providers that are aligned with GAA. We just recently switched scrap recylers to the service provided aligned with GAA and thus far, we have increased revenue from this source.

Rick Hamann Director of Purchasing, GLS Companies

As a charter member, GLS Companies has enjoyed benefiting from the wide variety of programs from paper & plates to machine purchases as well as office supplies. The ability to use the paper merchant of our choosing helps us build relationships and the flexibility to opt in or out of programs as our business dynamics change makes GAA a robust organization. The programs GAA offers are on a higher level at the mills and national level with suppliers that provide opportunities we wouldn't have as an individual organization.

GAA Member

Professional and courteous....bottom-line: excellent bang for your buck!