GAA Advantage

For the members, by the members.

Program Benefits

GAA Advantage is for commercial printing and packaging companies between $3MM and $7MM in annual revenue.

Members at this level have access to many of the incentives enjoyed by companies ten times their size.

Vendor Programs

We have programs with over 30 vendors. To learn more about the specific programs, please call Wendy Romig at 215-710-0699

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will retain your current vendor contacts and purchasing processes with each vendor. Nothing changes at all in the way you order.

No, in fact, the vendors want you to join so you can take part in their customer retention programs. To the vendors, your membership means that you are more likely to keep using them, versus shopping around.

Not a problem. However, to get the most value out of the group, we recommend that you are using at least 2 vendors in our program and calculate a minimum of $1,200 in rebates.

No. GAA has a strict confidentiality policy ensuring that all of its members are protected from disclosing any competitive or confidential information regarding their business practices, including vendor pricing.

Become a Member

Our Trial Membership gives you access to all of our vendor programs for a full year. If you aren’t getting the savings you expected, you can leave the group at any time within the first 12 months and receive a full refund on your membership fee.

To get started, just click below and you’ll have almost immediate access to many of our savings programs.