Read What Our Members Are Saying...

We've enjoyed an overall reduction in our cost of goods sold as a result of our membership in the GAA. The negotiating leverage from the group's pooled purchasing power has helped us cut costs on many of the major items we buy. Additionally, the experience of the group's leadership has made us aware of possible areas to cut costs in that we had previously not considered or had the time to examine.

David Handmaker, President, Postcard Press, Inc.

Keystone is one of the original folding carton members to join the GAA. It is one of the best purchasing decisions we have made. Every year we reap more savings due to our membership in GAA. In addition, each year additional areas of cost are addressed to expand the savings into other areas.

Jim Rutt, President, Keystone Paper & Box Company, Inc.

"We have found that participation in the GAA buying collaborative has both saved our company significant money and significant time in price and service negotiations with vendors. Membership has also given us access at national account levels for several vendors, a fact that has also helped us resolve occasional service issues. The GAA not only gives us cost savings on the standard supplies purchased by most printers, but has provided us with potential savings in areas we would never have had the time to investigate. And, while the GAA has contracts with many national and quality vendors, there is no absolute requirement to use any particular vendor, which means we are free to run our businesses as we like. So, potentially large savings and good service with no pressure—what's not to like? Membership is a very profitable deal for FCP."

George Sharr, President, Flower City Printing

Although we are new to GAA… the main reason that we joined was to be able to find out what were others paying for the goods and services that we use. We are finding so far to date that we were indeed paying more than necessary on certain items and on others we were in line. Nothing outrageous but any savings of 5-10% is welcome in this environment.

I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with GAA.

Chris Pape, President, CEO, Monroe Litho

I was approached by a GAA member over a course of two years. I can easily say that in hindsight I wish I had put it at the top of the list rather than waiting. The time lost was money lost. I'd encourage others who are considering joining... Don't wait.

Darrell D. Moore, President, Modern Litho-Print Co.