Who We Are:

Graphic Arts Alliance, LLC was formed in September of 2002 with 16 Graphic Arts Companies from across the United States. Since that time the group has grown to over 170 companies with combined annual sales of over $3 billion.

GAA is comprised of leading printers and folding carton companies, whose annual sales are at least $8 million. Each Member Company is usually represented within the group by either the president or owner of that company.

How We Operate:

This is a member run organization. The Board of Managers (which operates like a Board of Directors) consists of 7 Member Representatives who are either elected by our Members or maintain their position based on their purchasing volume through the group. The Board makes recommendations on contract areas and final decisions on vendor selection. A set of Bylaws was developed to keep decision making consistent and also allow our Members to determine the operating structure of the group. The Board meets twice a year for a formal meeting. There is a general Membership meeting once each year.

Buying Power:

Unlike many other purchasing groups, there is no obligation to buy from any group contract. This allows our Members to maintain control over their own purchases by selecting which contracts benefit them. We enjoy National Account status with our vendors and work to maintain excellent relationships. As our Membership grows we are able to renegotiate contracts to provide even better savings. We are constantly working on new contract areas, expanding our existing contracts and looking for other opportunities which will add to the bottom line of each Member Company.

Confidentiality is Key:

Confidentiality is a key component to a successful group. Individual Member information is never shared with other Members. Likewise, our Vendor contract details are strictly for use and knowledge by our Members. This is a critical ingredient to honest sharing and long term success.


Read What Our Members Are Saying...

Member are talking"We've enjoyed an overall reduction in our cost of goods sold as a result of our membership in the GAA. The negotiating leverage from the group's pooled purchasing power has helped us cut costs on many of the major items we buy. Additionally, the experience of the group's leadership has made us aware of possible areas to cut costs in that we had previously not considered or had the time to examine."

David Handmaker, President, Postcard Press, Inc.