No, once you join GAA, your vendors will be notified of your membership which means that the following quarter, your purchases will automatically be included in the groups numbers, thereby entitling you to a cut of the vendor rebates based on your spending (which we calculate).
No, you will retain your current vendor contacts and purchasing processes with each vendor. Nothing changes at all in the way you order.
No, in fact, the vendors want you to join so you can take part in their customer retention rebate programs. To the vendors, your membership means that you are more likely to keep using them, versus shopping around.
Not a problem. However, to get the most value out of the group, we recommend that you are using at least 2 vendors in our program and calculate a minimum of $1,200 in rebates.
No. There are no obligations at all once you join. If you find that your rebate or discount is stronger than what is offered through a specific vendor, you may choose to keep your existing savings. In some cases you can keep your rebate or discount and get the GAA rebate or discount on top. See our Savings Worksheet for details (for a username and password, call 610-455-0880).
The annual membership fee goes into the Graphic Arts Alliance marketing budget and allows us to continually attract new members to the program. The more active members we have, the stronger the program and the better the rebates.
No. GAA has a strict confidentiality policy ensuring that all of its members are protected from disclosing any competitive or confidential information regarding their business practices, including vendor pricing.
Rebates are calculated by GAA based on each individual member company’s spending with the vendors. Using this data, GAA determines the percentage of the whole group’s rebate for each member and send out the check accordingly.
Members can leave the group at anytime if they feel they are not gaining the full benefit of the programs offered. However it is only within the first year that you can leave and receive a full refund of your $500 membership dues.
Despite the fact that we are a member owned and controlled organization, your only obligation as a member is to pay your annual membership dues ($500). Some members are so enthusiastic about GAA that they choose to serve on our board and help make some key vendor decisions about the group. However most big decisions are required to be approved by the general membership by vote. Since all of our members have full time jobs working for their companies, the day to day operations are run by a very small team who report to the board. Most members choose never to serve on our board and simply pay their dues and receive their extra discounts and rebates accordingly.